How to lock video during a meeting on Google Meet

4. Aug 2023
How to lock video during a meeting on Google Meet

Google Meet offers various useful features which help users to conduct meetings in a better manner. One such feature is the ability to lock video of all the participants present in the meeting. The feature gives meeting hosts more control over their meetings by letting them decide when they want to allow different levels of participation from attendees, for example, to address disruptive participants.

As the meeting host or co-host, you have the ability to activate Camera Lock, which prevents all participants from using their video cameras. When you choose to turn off Camera Lock, everyone in the meeting can then use their video feeds again. It's important to note that Camera Lock does not affect you or any other co-host; you can still use your video as needed. To enable Camera Lock, you can do so from your computer or iOS device, and the setting will be applied across all devices connected to the meeting. Keep in mind that once a participant's video is locked, they won't be able to present or share their screen.

Things to note before locking participant's video
Important: When you turn on Video Lock, mobile participants may be removed from the meeting if their device doesn’t have:
- The most updated version of the Meet or Gmail app
- Android OS version M or newer
- iOS version 12 or newer
- Once you turn off Video Lock, removed participants can rejoin

Here's how to lock video during a Google Meet call
1.Step 1: During the ongoing meeting you will have to go to the bottom right of the screen
2.Step 2: Now you have to click on Host Controls
3.Step 3: After this a side panel will open up
4.Step 4: Now from the side panel you can turn off and also turn on the video feeds of all the participants present in the call


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